Tuesday, May 17, 2011

Smoked Out Navy & Inglot Cosmetics

I recently discovered Inglot Cosmetics and I must say I am in love with them :)  Their eyeshadows are crazy good.  Pigmentation and blendability are on par with a MAC Veluxe Pearl or Starflash, and their Matte shades are the best I have ever tried, if not tied with Urban Decay Mattes.  If you order in bulk (10 or more) & use the Freedom System with palettes rather than the individually packaged shadows, you also get 2x more product at less than 1/2 the price too (Inglot shades are 2.3-2.7g for $4.50 each, while MAC is 1.5g for $11 & UD is 1.5g for $17).  Oh, and if you're really hauling, you get free shipping if you order $120 or more.  Also, if you are buying freedom palette eyeshadows, the website cart will discount an empty palette of each configuration for you.  The 20, 10, & 5 palettes get discounted to cost $5, the 3 & 2 less than that. Cannot beat that with a stick, although a minor frustration is that you can't order more than one of each configuration without paying full price for the second one (ie 2 20 palettes are $30, one discounted to $5, the other full price $25). And their palettes are super cool looking, not to mention durable, sleek, and overall interesting.  I love the frosted magnetic lid because I can actually see what colors are in the palette, unlike my MAC palettes where I had to Konad Stamp in colored nailpolish the lids so I knew which color family I was reaching for (I brilliantly figured this out after several months of opening at least 6 a day before finding what shade I wanted LOL)  Inglot has 5 shadow finishes available.  They are:

Matte~ buttery smooth matte color
DS (Double Shimmer) ~ buttery matte color with irridescent shimmer particles.  These apply smooth & slightly shimmery.  I was surprized that with a name like Double Sparkle that these were so wearable and not disco ball like.
AMC (Advanced MakeUp Component) ~ sheer matte color with tons of irridescent sparkles.  These look like Urban Decay Stardust Shadows in the pan, but lack the ginormous mess and fall out of the UD sparklers.  They also aren't as glittery on the eye either.
AMC Shine~ Some of the most complex shadows I have ever seen.  They have a metallic base, most with a duochromish/irridescent sheen & then tonal sparkles also.  For instance, AMC Shine 28 has a metallic baby blue/white base with blue violet sheen & sparkles.  Seriously cool and ridiculously hard to capture on film.
Pearl~ This is probably my favorite finish.  I liken these to a MAC Starflash or Urban Decay Deluxe Shadow.  Super soft & pigmented with a softened pearl/metallic finish.

Inglot has a few stores around the US, a couple in NYC, one in Vegas & I think one if FL.  Other than that, you can order online.  Their website is a bit of a pain due to the way that they have the colors grouped by color family, yet the shades are only numbered, and their swatches are computerized. I had to make a spreadsheet to keep myself straight, and I still ended up with two 474 DS. LOL 
I am still in the process of swatching and photographing my Inglot Collection, but in the meantime here is a look I did using my Inglot Shadows :)

Inglot Pearl 447 on inner half of lid
Inglot Pearl 429 on outter half
Inglot AMC Shine 47 on outer third
MAC Shroom on brow bone
Inglot Pearl 428 in crease