Tuesday, June 28, 2011

Inglot Purple Palooza ~ Review Swatches & Look

Blah Blah I love me some Inglot, let's get to the goods cuz this is gonna be a BIG post :P LOL  All pics are clickable to view larger.

Row 1: 440P, 346M, 493DS, 39S, 445P
Row 2: 14S, 66AMC, 441P, 386M, 379M
Row 3: 439P, 40S, 320M, 491DS, 377M
Row 4: 446P, 67AMC, 73AMC, 325M, 482DS

ROWs 1 & 2 ~ Review & Close Ups

440 Pearl~ pale pinky lilac with icy white metallic sheen
436 Matte~ pale pinky lilac matte
493 Double Sparkle~ light lavender matte with sparkles
39 AMC Shine~ light orchid pink with pink metallic sheen & multicolored sparkles
445 Pearl~ light orchid with soft orchid pearl

14 AMC Shine~ bright thistle with pink metallic sheen & multicolored sparkles
66 AMC~ chalky thistle matte with multicolored sparkle
441 Pearl~ light lavender with blue pearl
386 Matte~ medium violet matte
379 Matte~ medium blue violet matte

ROWs 3 & 4 ~ Review & Close Ups

439 Pearl~ medium violet with blue pearl
40 AMC Shine~ medium dirty plum with plum metallic sheen & multicolored sparkles
320 Matte~ crayon purple matte
491 Double Sparkle~ royal purple matte with sparkles
377 Matte~ royal purple matte

446 Pearl~ deep dirty plum with plum pearl
67 AMC~ chalky deep blue violet matte wtih sparkles
73 AMC~ deep red violet matte with sparkles
325 Matte~ deep plum matte
482 Double Sparkle~ deep blue violet with sparkles

Here's a look I did using this palette.

493DS on inner 1/3 of lid
441P on center lid
40S on outer 1/3 of lid
440P on tearduct to highlight
67AMC in crease
Urban Decay 24/7 Rockstar on waterline


  1. What a fantastic purple palooza palette! :-) Love all the colours you chose!

  2. Wow!!! So many inglots you had bought, envy on you :)

  3. Holy cow, that's a whole lotta purple, girlfriend! But of course you look smashing as usual!! Love your peepers :)

  4. This is the purple palette of my dreams!

  5. Your descriptions and swatches are very helpful. Thank you :-)There are in Inglot Shop so many Eyeshadows,but now I know, what I in fact want.