Monday, October 10, 2011

One of the coolest white nail polishes... ever

I'm not exactly sure why I was drawn to this, but I buzzed like a bee right to many months ago when Revlon released 4 Matte Suedes to their line.  I absolutely LOVED this look, especially w/ a topcoat!  Application was a little finacky as a matte can be, or even a white for that matter, but it dried quickly, covered well & the end result was a total winner for me.  The color itself looks white w/ a subtle blue pearl in the bottle.  On the nail the milkiness of the white took on a pinky flesh tone for me with the blue pearl morphing into a sort of glow. I think I loved this so much because it was crisp & clean but kinda funky all at the same time.  This was 3 coats w/ topcoat.  I realized I should have taken photo of the matte suede look PRIOR to topcoating but sometimes I'm a little slow on the uptake :)  Oh well, there's always next time!

Revlon Matte Suede Powder Puff

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