Monday, March 14, 2011

Bare Escentuals Metallic Smoky Eye Kit

Snagged this beauty from the recent BE stint on QVC.  This is so gorgeous it's almost ridiculous.  It is absolutely perfect for spring.  High Shine Pewter is a medium cool toned pewter shade that has a stong lavender cast to it when swatched on the hand, but it doesn't translate to the eye in my opinion.  The High Shine aspect of this shadow also toned down quite a bit on the eye, which I was happy for.  I love the HS Shadows, but they can be a bit too much sometimes.  Steam is hands down the winner here for me.  I was so shocked by how lovely this color is.  It is the lightest shade of grey with a golden warmth to it.  I really hope they make this a permanent color as it is unique to anything I've seen or tried from any brand and I will be reaching for it quite often I'm sure. Black Gold Big & Bright liner was another pleasant surprize.  It is simply a warm black shade.  It doesn't have gold shimmer or sparkle in it that I could see, and it wasn't jet/absolute black either.  Reminds me of Retro loose liner.  Really pretty and a nice addition to the pencil liner line.

Swatches:   Steam dry, Steam Foiled, HS Pewter, Black Gold Liner on top.  Top Pic: Natural Light  Bottom Pic: Direct Sun

The Look: 
BE Prime Time for Eyes Original
B&B Black Gold Liner on upper, lower & waterlines
Steam dry lash to brow, then foiled on the lid
HS Pewter in crease & outer lid with sponge applicator f/ packaging, then blended with a crease brush
Snow lightly on brow bone to highlight
Heavenly Diamond lightly foiled & patted on center of eyelid only (right above the iris of the eye)
Maybelline One by One Mascara in Brownish Black topped with CoverGirl LashBlast Length in Black
BE Pink Pearl Blush
BE Bavarian Creme Lipstick topped with Funnel Cake Gloss

 So what do you think ladies?  Did you purchase this?  Are you wishing you had? 


  1. You look awesome. I only wish I could wear so much shine.

  2. Beautiful..Can't wait for mine to arrive

  3. I really like the pewter but don't want the whole kit. Maybe I'll be able to find samples somewhere.