Thursday, March 10, 2011

Misa Wishes Collection: Never Say Never

My first Misa polishes!  Yee Haw :)  I saw the Wishes Collection on VampyVarnish and just fell in love, especially when she said they weren't sheer.  I don't care for sheer polish and it is difficult to find pale/pastel polish with any sort of opacity.  Misa Wishes Collection for Spring 2011 does just that, gorgeous pale color, no visible nail line.  The formula flows easily on the nail, the brush is easy to wield, and it dried quickly.  Sign me up for more please!  The Collection consists of 6 colors, a nude, peach, green, blue, lavender & grey.  All have a similar shimmery satin finish.  I'll be showing them all this next couple weeks.  Up first is Never Say Never, a pale greyed silver shimmer.  Absolutely stunning! Also very different from other silvers I've seen.  Colors similar to this one tend to lean lavender or take on a lavender cast.  This one is just pure light grey.  So pretty!

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